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If you are looking for a contemporary appearance for your home or business that’s low-maintenance and durable, honed concrete is the perfect solution. Honed concrete is specifically designed for outdoor spaces and is considered the outdoor equivalent of indoor polished concrete. 

From honed concrete pool surrounds to a honed concrete driveway, the process is ideal for most residences, stores and public access buildings. Mason Concreting, offers a honing service that will leave your concrete with a durable yet stylish finish.

What is Concrete Honing?

Concrete honing is a process that involves grinding the top layer of concrete off and exposing the aggregate underneath to a level of your choosing. A sealant is then applied to the area resulting in a non-slip surface. The process shares similarities with concrete polishing, however, it is less labour intensive and a more cost-effective option. The end result is a low sheen natural looking surface. The finish is perfect for those who want the contemporary look of exposed aggregate however would prefer a smoother surface to walk on.

At Mason Concreting we take care of the concrete installation in addition to the concrete honing phase. Alternatively, we can hone existing concrete to revitalise the area.

Just like when selecting coloured concrete or exposed aggregate, there are a range of decorative concrete mixes available that we can hone. As Approved Installers for Geostone by Holcim we have access to beautiful concrete mixes with different base colours and stone varieties. 


This service is offered in the following locations:
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Honed concrete is ideal for anyone looking for a modern look for their home or business. The finish is perfect for high-traffic areas as it does not show dirt and dust quickly and is easy to maintain. The most popular areas to feature concrete honing include:

Walkways and Footpaths

Many businesses and homeowners choose to have honed concrete installed in their walkways and footpaths. The matte finish is perfect for keeping your property looking clean and polished, while the durability of the concrete ensures that your path will last for years.

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Honed Concrete Pool Surrounds

Honed concrete pool surrounds can be a great way to add value to your home and create a relaxing environment for you and your family. Honed concrete is a perfect material for a pool surround as it is non-slip, making it safe when wet. It is also easy to clean and maintain, meaning you will have more time to enjoy your pool.


Honed Concrete Driveways

A driveway is the first thing people see when they visit your home, so it is vital to make sure it looks its best. Honed concrete is an excellent choice for a driveway as it is durable and easy to maintain. Choose the honed concrete driveway for a long-lasting, low-maintenance option to reduce regular cleaning tasks and spend more time relaxing or running your business.

“I would like to add my name to your many satisfied customers. Our coloured concrete driveway is fantastic. Awesome job. Thanks Rob, Jake and the team.”

Rick W

“It was such a pleasure to have Mason Concreting do our concrete aggregate driveway. Not only was the work done to a very high standard, the advice, support, honesty and reliability demonstrated throughout the process was refreshing and much appreciated.”

Dhyan & Connie – Avalon Beach

“Thank Rob for all his efforts, we really appreciate his work and look forward to sealing the driveway and getting our cars off the street, the two of you make a great team!”


“Thanks Mason Concreting! Even though we were overseas during the process, the team kept us up to date, emailed through photographs, informed us of progress, managed issues professionally and did a great job. Even our neighbours signed up for their driveway after seeing our results. Fantastic job! See you next time.”

David F

“Thanks so much for a great job! Not only was the work done to a top class finish, it was done in a short time. I was so impressed with you guys (& Roo). You went far beyond what was necessary. Happy to recommend you.”


“Very happy. My friend recommended Mason Concreting to me. Big thanks to Rob and the team for our new exposed aggregate driveway. Highly recommended. Thank you.”

Karen L




Honed concrete has a contemporary appearance that is perfect for homes and businesses. Wow your guests with a stylish honed concrete floor that’s low-maintenance and durable. Popular areas for concrete honing are pool surrounds, patios, pathways and garages and driveways.


The matte finish of honed concrete does not show dirt and dust quickly, so it requires less cleaning and maintenance. Spend more time enjoying your home or business and less time cleaning.


A honed concrete surface can be sealed for a non-slip finish, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Add honed concrete pool surrounds to create a safe environment for your loved ones or to the honed concrete driveway to keep everyone safe when it’s wet.


Honed concrete is a durable choice that can withstand heavy foot traffic. It also offers protection from the weather extremes. Mason Concreting, leads the way with a honing service that transforms concrete surfaces into durable and stylish flooring finishes. We offer concrete honing for exterior surfaces.
Contact us today to learn more about honed concrete pool surrounds, driveways, pathways and how this style of concrete can work for your property. Get the look you want for your residential or commercial space.


The process of concrete honing is relatively simple. We use equipment with abrasive pads to grind away the top layer of concrete, exposing the aggregate underneath. We follow this up with a layer of sealant that offers protection from staining and wear as well as a non-slip additive if required.

Mason Concreting, provides a honing service that will leave your concrete with a stylish finish. 

Contact us today to learn more about our honed concrete and how it can work for your business or home.

Yes! Most driveways can be honed to revitalise the area and create a new stylish entrance to your home.
This is the most commonly asked question. The simple answer is that polished concrete is for internal areas, while honed concrete is for external areas. Honed concrete is the same initial process as polished concrete. The polished concrete process then goes on to grout, densify, buff and polish to create a perfect smooth and seamless finish.
Honed concrete is a smooth matte like surface and is easier on the feet than exposed aggregate or pavers. Our team can add a slip resistant sealant at the end of the process to help ensure your new driveway or pool surround is safe. However, due to the grit level used in the honing process, this is often unnecessary as the finish already has a high slip resistant rating.
Not only does honed concrete look great, but it is easy to maintain. All that is required is a sweep and a light hose. For long term maintenance, a deep high pressure clean and reapplication of sealer can be completed every few years.
Just like when selecting coloured concrete or exposed aggregate, there are a range of polished concrete mixes available that we can hone. We have a range of concrete suppliers we source our mixes from to bring you the widest range possible. Contact us today to receive the latest range charts.
It will depend on the size of the area, but for around 50-100 m2, we generally allow two days to complete the honing. Sealing will take place at a later stage once the area has settled and this process will take one day.

Rather than engaging two separator contractors, we can lay the concrete and complete the honing. This allows us to offer our clients affordable packages. Compared to other materials such as cobblestones and pavers which require a concrete blinding slab to be laid underneath, the cost per m2 is often lower. 

The exact price per m2 for honed concrete will depend on the desired concrete mix.

For concrete installation, polishing and honing we service the Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore, Sydney.